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Oct 28, 2012
Concert Frustrations
Dear Edda, A group of us went to a concert last week. We had front row seats that we paid a lot for, because we really love the artist.
Oct 21, 2012
Father vs. Son
Dear Edda, My son is in a moderately successful rock band. He has always been pretty talented, but his mother and I pushed him a great deal to succeed.
Oct 14, 2012
Mystery Ink
Dear Edda, A few weeks ago I went out drinking with my buddies. We started out in town, but ended up in LA in the morning.
Sep 30, 2012
Cell Phone Addict
Dear Edda, My husband is a high powered executive who works all the time. He leaves his office and comes home, but then he spends hours on the phone.
Sep 23, 2012
Finance Split
Dear Edda, My girlfriend and I have been living together for almost a year now. I think we are headed to be married someday. We have a dog.
Sep 16, 2012
Marriage Breaker
Dear Edda, I am a 42 year old man. When I was in my mid-twenties, I met a girl who was in her early twenties who was in a failing, estranged marriage.
Sep 02, 2012
Wedding Dress Mishap
Dear Edda, I'm getting married in January, and I have a big problem. My future mother-in-law wants me to wear her wedding dress.
Aug 26, 2012
Can Cats Marry Dogs?
Dear Edda, I am a SWF 28 years old and I have met a wonderful guy. He is smart, funny, and has a job, his own car, and a place to live. The trouble is that he is a dog person, and I am a cat person.
Aug 19, 2012
Is That a Word?
I am a big fan of the online game of Words with Friends. I have it on my I-phone and like to play it with my friends and family.
Aug 12, 2012
On the Couch
I recently sold a couch on Craigslist. A lot of people called about it, and a woman came over and paid me for the couch and said she would pick it up the next day. After a few days, I called her to see when she was going to pick it up.
Aug 05, 2012
Nosey Big Nose
Dear Edda, I want to know whether or not I have a big nose? What is the proper way to measure a nose, by the distance it pops out of the face, or how far it is from the brows to the nostrils?
Jul 29, 2012
Panic Calls
Dear Edda, My boyfriend and I have been going out for a year. We are both 18 and go to different colleges. We usually speak every day. Lately, if I don't call him by a certain time, he starts to panic.
Jul 22, 2012
Texting At Lunch
Dear Edda, Yesterday, I went to lunch with my mom. She always complains that we don't spend enough time together. Well, no sooner did we sit down at the table than she began texting her friend.
Jul 15, 2012
Still in Love
Dear Edda, I have been supporting my boyfriend for the last three years while he was finishing grad school. Now he wants to travel for a year.
Jul 08, 2012
Parking Problem
Dear Edda, I was in Gelson's parking lot the other day and an SUV came up too close and tapped the front of our car.
Sep 11, 2011
Do Cats Eat Fruit?
Do cats eat fruit? Every morning lately, I've found half eaten fruit in the fruit bowl on my kitchen counter.
Sep 04, 2011
Cleaning the Closet
How do you know when it's time to throw out your old clothes? I have a lot of clothes that were very expensive when I bought them.
Aug 28, 2011
The Ralph
My life's dream is to have a sandwich named after me. I think it's so cool to go into those delis where all the sandwiches have names.
Aug 21, 2011
Picnic with Pups
Yesterday evening, my husband and I went down to the beach to have a picnic dinner. On this particular beach, there is a designated off-leash dog area.
Aug 14, 2011
Cascarone Head
Now that Fiesta is past, I have to say, I had fun and don't mind being cracked on the head with a cascarone or two, but I have a real problem.
Aug 07, 2011
Sagging Brow
I want to try Botox, but my husband doesn't want me to. A few of my friends have tried it, and they are really happy with the results.
Jul 31, 2011
Never Baking Again
Dear Edda, I baked a cake for my mother-in-law's birthday party. While it was cooling on the counter, my cat climbed up and ate a corner off the cake.
Jul 24, 2011
Electronic Freakout
Please help me! All of my electronic equipment is breaking down! One by one – my I-phone, my I-pad, my television … even my laptop is freaking out!
Jul 17, 2011
Hates the Layers
Edda, My husband has recently begun layering his shirts. I'm not talking an undershirt and a button-down shirt. He's wearing two, sometimes three.
Jul 03, 2011
One Upwomanship
A woman I work with always has to one up everyone else. If I say I went fishing at Lake Cachuma, she will say she went spearfishing in the Caymans.
Jun 26, 2011
Safe Driver
Why is it that when I'm on the freeway, and try to leave a safe distance in front of me, someone always changes lanes in front of me to get in there?
Jun 19, 2011
Some Kind of Nut
Dear Edda, I was driving to work the other morning when I saw a woman jogging. She stared at me like I was some kind of nut, so I gestured for her to go across.
Jun 12, 2011
I Just Like Cats
Dear Edda, I just started dating a guy. He is very nice and we seem to get along pretty well. I’m almost forty, and am sort of hoping that he’s The One.
Jun 05, 2011
Carrying On About Carrying On
My friend and I went to Chicago for the weekend a couple of weeks ago. She checked her bag, but I prefer carry-on.
May 29, 2011
Son-in-Law Trouble
Dear Edda, We are going to visit our daughter and her husband in Philadelphia this summer. We are very excited to see our grandchildren.
May 22, 2011
Cheap Coffee Drinker
My co-worker and I walk to Starbucks every morning, where she orders a large latte, and I order a large coffee. She always complains about the price.
May 15, 2011
The Magic Kingdom
Dear Edda, My sister-in-law is one of those pain in the neck parents, who never tells her kids no, and is always explaining everything to them.
May 08, 2011
Almost Perfect
Dear Edda, I think my wife has a real problem. She has a big chip on her shoulder. I am a very good husband in every respect.
May 01, 2011
Old Hollywood Credentials
Years ago, I was an agent in Hollywood. I have many mementos of those days – photos, letters, magazine articles- but choose to display only a single photo.
Apr 24, 2011
Bologna for Grandma
My grandmother sent me to the store to buy beef bologna the other day, and I brought back uncured turkey bologna. She said she doesn’t like it.
Apr 17, 2011
It Ain't Easy Being Green
Because I live in such an environmentally conscious town, I felt compelled to sell my old car and buy a hybrid. Now I'm pretty much broke.
Apr 10, 2011
BFF or Just a Friend?
I have a rating system for my friends. I categorize them by certain criteria and then by what activities they are suitable to share with.
Apr 03, 2011
Mr. Three Piece
Dear Edda, My wife is really pissed at me and I need your help. We both work, but my wife is always the one to do the cooking.
Mar 27, 2011
Nothing to Wear
What is wrong with fashion designers these days? I went shopping for a cocktail dress, and was appalled by the selection.
Mar 20, 2011
Dirty Dishes
Dear Edda, I am a teenage boy. I am very busy going to school, playing sports and studying. Sometimes after I eat, I leave my dishes in the sink.
Mar 13, 2011
Lunch at the Wildcat
Dear Edda: A lot of wisdom, and sometimes even love and sympathy comes from the comments section of your columns, but very little comes from you.
Mar 06, 2011
Edda and the Sweetest Oranges
Dear Edda, I have an orange tree that I planted in my back yard. It produces the sweetest oranges I have ever tasted. There are not enough to share with others.
Feb 27, 2011
Dining with Restrictions
I recently attended a dinner party at my sister’s house. She sent out e-vites and asked if anyone had dietary restrictions. I am a vegetarian.
Feb 20, 2011
Still Shaking
Dear Edda, My husband and I received an invitation to his best friend’s wedding in May. It included fashion requirements for the wedding and a request for cash.
Feb 13, 2011
Broken Hearted
My husband feels pressure from the media and his friends to celebrate Valentine's Day, and he gets all cranky for a week or so beforehand.
Feb 06, 2011
Text and Drive
I was walking downtown this week and saw a friend of my daughter's texting while driving. Should I contact her parents and tell them what I saw?
Jan 30, 2011
Noisy Gardeners
Dear Edda, Our neighbors have moved away, but they continue to employ a gardener, who comes every week. They use loud machinery around 8 am on a weekday.
Jan 23, 2011
Bored to Tears
The other day, my friend and her 7-year old daughter came over for a visit. The little girl told her mother she was bored and wanted to leave.
Jan 16, 2011
On the Fence
People love to walk their dogs on our street and we love seeing the dogs. The problem is these dog walkers are not picking up after their dogs.
Jan 09, 2011
A Cat for Christmas
Dear Edda, My sister got me a cat for Christmas. I hate cats. I am also allergic to cats.
Jan 02, 2011
Fantasy Football Addict
Dear Edda, My husband is addicted to Fantasy Football. He watches all the games and is constantly on his computer checking statistics and scores.
Dec 26, 2010
Rain, Rain, Go Away
Dear Edda, With all the rain we’ve been having lately, I have heard so much complaining! I used to live in Seattle – now THAT’S a lot of rain!
Dec 19, 2010
Waiting for Santa
In line ahead of us was a lady with her dog! In line to have a chat with Santa Claus! Jokingly, I asked her if her dog had a long Christmas list
Dec 12, 2010
Lines are Blurred
Dear Edda, I did a lot of acid during the ‘60s. I no longer indulge in drugs of any kind, but I fear I might have done some permanent damage.
Dec 05, 2010
Fancy Car
Dear Edda, I drive a very expensive car. Whenever I park in a public lot, I try to park out of the way so others cannot get too close.
Nov 28, 2010
I Have Gas
Dear Edda, I have gas. I can't help it; I just burp and flatulate a lot. My wife gets angry with me and says I'm being rude.
Nov 21, 2010
Thanksgiving with the Family
Dear Edda, Last Thanksgiving, my sister-in-law invited our family to Iowa. She told me she was very nervous because our in-laws were coming to dinner
Nov 14, 2010
Scared Husband
My wife gained a lot of weight while she was pregnant with our daughter. After she had the baby, she didn’t think she needed to try to lose weight.
Nov 07, 2010
Easy as Apple Pie
Dear Edda, About a year ago, my husband quit his job and opened a restaurant. He didn’t tell me before he did it, because he knew that I would disapprove.
Oct 31, 2010
Dogged Woman
Dear Edda, My husband dogs me all the time. He and his boys chill in the crib and slam down forties every night and don’t pick up after themselves.
Oct 24, 2010
Leaves of Three
Leaves of Three - Dear Edda, I was out running, and this small woman, driving a huge SUV, drinking a large cup of coffee, and talking on her cell phone came whipping around the corner.
Oct 17, 2010
Delta Factor
Delta Factor - Dear Edda, My girlfriend and I have been living together for about six months. She is a painfully neat person, and I am just regular.
Oct 10, 2010
Shirtless Situation
Shirtless Situation - Dear Edda, My coworker's comments during our lunchtime run implied that she doesn't think I look good enough to take off my shirt when I run. Could she be jealous?
Oct 03, 2010
The Turtle or the Hare
Dear Edda, My husband refuses to learn the difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Derek is not a turtle!
Sep 26, 2010
Seasoned Traveler
Edda: Last week, I was leaving on a business trip, and running a little late. Ahead of me in the security line was this woman who had no clue what to do.
Sep 19, 2010
Looking Good
Dear Edda, My daughter has refused to go on vacation with her stepfather and me. She says that I dress ridiculously, and that I should act my age.
Sep 12, 2010
Coughing Conundrum
I work in a small office where a co-worker coughs all day (and I mean all day). It is so annoying and everyone has commented about the problem.
Sep 05, 2010
Back to School
The roommate who lives in a big closet has a question for Edda: how should he split up the rent from a summer of lost revenue?
Aug 29, 2010
Noisy Spinner
Dear Edda, There is a woman who WOOs! while sitting next to me in spinning class at the gym. She does it loudly. What should I do?
Aug 22, 2010
Feathered Alarm Clock
Dear Edda, We've got a new, feathered alarm clock (aka domestic rooster) just down the hill from us. I want to help him move out to the country.
Aug 15, 2010
Edda on Vacation
Edda is on vacation this week. Her column will return next week.
Aug 08, 2010
Pick Up Line
Dear Edda, I don't like to interrupt what I am doing when my phone rings. I mean who is the master of whom? Me or my phone?
Aug 01, 2010
Never Been to India
Dear Edda, Do you ever feel as if people doubt your existence? I work in customer service and fear that I am developing a bad attitude.
Jul 25, 2010
Unwelcome Visitors
Dear Edda, My boyfriend intends to sign us up for a website that offers a room to tourists. I wasn't too excited about this because I hate people.
Jul 18, 2010
Boring Shower
Dear Edda, My younger sister is getting married, and her best friend was chosen to be her maid of honor instead of me.
Jul 11, 2010
Loafing Around
Dear Edda, Last Saturday, I was on my way home from the Farmer's Market and decided, at the last second, to stop at Our Daily Bread for a couple of loafs.
Jul 04, 2010
Out at the Movies
Dear Edda, Being in our 40s but of an occasionally sophomoric frame of mind, my husband and I went to see "Get Him to the Greek."
Jun 27, 2010
What's in a Name?
Dear Edda, I am pregnant with my first child. What should be a very happy time has become something of a frustrating experience.
Jun 20, 2010
Dog Lover
Dear Edda, My wife and I have a dog who is a member of our family. He eats with us and sleeps in our bed, and pretty much has the run of the house.
Jun 13, 2010
Job Hunter
Dear Edda, I have been trying to get a job recently, but find that everyone asks for a resume or an application.
Jun 06, 2010
By The Book
Dear Edda, The other afternoon, I went to the grocery store to buy a bag of cat food and some pudding cups.
May 30, 2010
Overactive Self-Esteem
Dear Edda: My parents want me to apply to college next year, but I think I should just become an artist instead.
May 23, 2010
Lost in the Riviera
In any case, I just stopped right there in order to be safe, and kept signaling her with my two fingers to move up. The other cars started honking!
May 16, 2010
Life In The Fastlane
Dear Edda, My wife drives too fast. When she goes on the freeway, she must pass every car in sight -- even the ones who are driving too fast themselves.
May 09, 2010
Family Circus
Dear Edda: Does anyone think that Family Circus is funny? Signed, Three Ring Bored.
May 02, 2010
Candy Smuggler
Dear Edda: Usually on my way to the theater, I will stop off at the grocery store for a candy bar and then sneak it inside in my purse.
Apr 25, 2010
Charming Kid
Dear Edda: My 14 yr old son is handsome, charming, extremely bright and LAZY! He thinks he can get by on his good looks and charm.
Apr 18, 2010
Wear On Earth
Dear Edda: I am very excited about Earth Day. My problem is that I only have one outfit that is 100% sweatshop free, organic cotton.
Apr 11, 2010
Do Nothing
Dear Edda: My wife says she does all the work around the house, and I do nothing but sit and watch TV. Should I get a mail order bride?
Apr 04, 2010
Early Riser
Dear Edda: I am an early riser, and my wife likes to sleep late. The trouble is that I am always the one who has to make coffee.
Mar 28, 2010
Wine Question
Dear Edda, A few years ago I was in Vegas. One night I drank too much white wine. I really lost control, did some things that I regret.
Mar 21, 2010
Invited To Dinner
Dear Edda, My wife's family is full of crazy people. Her dad thinks the moon landing was faked.
Mar 14, 2010
String of Bad Gifts
Dear Edda: My boyfriend did a great job with the first gift he ever gave me. But since then he's bombed every gift-giving occasion!
Mar 07, 2010
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