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Articles from Daily Newsletter on Feb 01, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber is curious if anyone else had IGS Energy come to their door and try to scam them? (02/01/15) 492 4
Would you say that your emotions help engage your memory and/or they make you blind to things that you don't want to see? (02/01/15) 104 add
POWDRELL: Well, the tents have been folded up, the port-a-potties transported home and Rincon Beach is back to looking as if nothing happened last weekend. (02/01/15) 515 2
My elderly dog never leaves the house, do I have to renew her county dog license? (02/01/15) 993 21

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 31, 2015 reads comments
In honor of the Film Festival, Ed is curious which films are your favorites. Send in photos! (01/31/15) 669 5
Two cloudscapes from John Wiley he calls "sky paintings." [pics] (01/31/15) 1045 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 30, 2015 reads comments
Can anyone tell me what these bugs are and how to get rid of them? [pic] (01/30/15) 2619 11
Scientists, including UCSB's Jeff Goddard, wonder whether a pink sea slug's response to warm ocean conditions signals another major shift in ocean climate. (01/30/15) 842 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 29, 2015 reads comments
Do edhatters have insight into repurposing concrete and how to do it? (01/29/15) 1140 11

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 28, 2015 reads comments
Charles is curious to know if edhatters like black and white or color photos more. [pics] (01/28/15) 1068 25
Lois Capps (CA-24) applauded the decision by the U.S. Department of Interior to prohibit any new offshore oil or gas lease sales in Coastal California areas. (01/28/15) 966 29
A subscriber shares a [pic] of a sea lion's new best friend. (01/28/15) 2585 31
Can someone identify this strange bug? (01/28/15) 2271 17

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 27, 2015 reads comments
Edhatters share photos and [vid] from the Rincon Classic this past weekend. (01/27/15) 1943 10
Did anyone else see a very bright white light, low in the western sky, as the sun was setting last night? (01/27/15) 1499 21
While photographing Sunday's sunset, Charles Brewster noticed numerous "UFO's" hanging around. [pics] (01/27/15) 2252 8

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 26, 2015 reads comments
Jean snapped these [pics] of yellow mallow. (01/26/15) 1431 13

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 25, 2015 reads comments
POWDRELL: David discovered the infamous cocktail tree, bearing 4-in-1 fruits. (01/25/15) 3780 27
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Malaya, a gentle and talkative tortie awaiting her forever home. (01/25/15) 1097 4
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Akasha, a sweet-tempered, treat-loving shelter dog who is looking for a home. (01/25/15) 1090 4

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 24, 2015 reads comments
It's National Pie Day and Ed wants to see photos of the sweet treats you like to indulge in.  (01/24/15) 1191 10
The California Transportation Commission has allocated $174.8 million to 85 transportation projects throughout the
Central Coast for repairs.  (01/24/15)
637 1
TRAVEL: New views opened up for John Wiley on a lazy hazy San Diego Bay day flight. (01/24/15) 797 3
Can anyone recommend a nice weekend getaway where we can rent a house/cabin and play outside in the snow? (01/24/15) 1558 16

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 22, 2015 reads comments
Does anyone know a loophole to add a fireplace in a home? (01/22/15) 2763 53

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 21, 2015 reads comments
Animal Rescue Team, Inc. has collected more than sixty dead banded tail pigeons to be sent to UC Davis for necropsy. Warning: Graphic [Pic] (01/21/15) 1773 13
The majority of young women and men prefer egalitarian relationships, according to study by sociologists at UCSB and the University of Texas-Austin. (01/21/15) 1761 17
The National Weather Service announces an elevated surf warning. (01/21/15) 1040 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 20, 2015 reads comments
An edhat subscriber is looking for insight into the possibilities of building a treehouse on a rental property. (01/20/15) 1755 18
Edhatters send in their recent [pics] of a fog bow and clouds. (01/20/15) 1638 1
Is it legal for landlords to enter units for a "general inspection?" (01/20/15) 3076 30
EDBIT: Take a moment to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on this day of remembrance. (01/20/15) 803 3

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 18, 2015 reads comments
An edhatter shares [pics] of acacia in bloom. (01/18/15) 1709 7
Has an unusual or foreign piece of music ever spoken to your heart? When attempting to unify cultures, would you agree it's a great place to start? (01/18/15) 801 10
Cartoons: Mike shares another funny cartoon about expecting the unexpected. (01/18/15) 1555 3
EDBIT: It's 2015 and one Hollywood movie from 1989, Back to the Future II, had a very different view of how we should be living today. (01/18/15) 1558 2
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Diamond, although he'll answer to Mr. Kitty. (01/18/15) 1304 11
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Scooter, a lab basset hound mix who enjoys avocados, socks, and hikes. (01/18/15) 1385 6

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 17, 2015 reads comments
Edhat subscribers share photos of how they plan to celebrate the extended MLK weekend. Send in yours! (01/17/15) 1280 3
Despite wind, rain and snow, more than 3,000 Caltrans workers have been out in full force across California’s highways during this winter’s harsh weather. [vid] (01/17/15) 1142 13
Does anyone have experience with a tub to shower conversion? (01/17/15) 1318 5
The owners of United Seal Coating, United Seal Coating and Slurry Seal, Inc., Santa Barbara Paving, and United Paving were arrested for 42 felony counts of fraud. [pics] (01/17/15) 6422 31
Pope Francis plans to canonize Father Junipero Serra during a visit to the United States in September, reports John Palminteri. [pics] (01/17/15) 1867 38

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 16, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber has been getting way too many calls from various companies, despite being on the no call list, and wonders how others handle such phone calls. (01/16/15) 2130 46
In a new report, UCSB researchers and colleagues review the past, present and future of marine animal life. (01/16/15) 758 2
Caltrans reports on how it's providing safer mobility for all transportation system users.  (01/16/15) 1019 5

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 15, 2015 reads comments
Is it legal to leave dogs outside in very cold weather? (01/15/15) 2418 21

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 13, 2015 reads comments
Astronomy: On Sunday evening the clouds had cleared and the Moon wasn't up yet, so it was a chance to take a gander at comet C/2014 Q2 (Lovejoy. (01/13/15) 1341 6
MesaJim spotted a sandpiper digging around in the grass, or grasspiping. [pic] (01/13/15) 1292 7
Public Health warns not to eat certain Santa Barbara Smokehouse’s cold-smoked salmon due to bacterial contamination. [pic] (01/13/15) 1956 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 11, 2015 reads comments
EDBIT: A set of new laws rolled out on January 1st for Californians that ranges from youth football practices to dogs in restaurants.  (01/11/15) 4416 33
IN THE KITCHEN: Do you want sweetness and delight singing like a chorus in your mouth? Try a mache salad(01/11/15) 1378 13
A subscriber shares a [pic] of nesting barn owls. (01/11/15) 2032 12
Astronomy: Chuck reports on the bright flashes from meteorites that edhatters have been seeing in the sky lately.  (01/11/15) 2581 13
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Bailey, a 10 week old chocolate lab who loves the beach. (01/11/15) 2006 18
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Orange Julia, who enjoys fresh fruit juices. (01/11/15) 1220 6
Ed and the Dedicated Staff recap the year of 2014 and discuss the current state of edhat.com. (01/11/15) 3296 71

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 10, 2015 reads comments
Aquaholic shares more [pics] of bobcats living in Central California. (01/10/15) 2262 18
TRAVEL: An Edhat staffer shares photos from the end of her Europe trip. (01/10/15) 1190 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 09, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber wonders if it's ok for strangers to pick fruit off of resident's trees. (01/09/15) 3690 67
The National Weather Service has sent out a high surf advisory through Friday evening. [pic] (01/09/15) 1140 1

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 08, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max shares aerial [pics] above Los Angeles. (01/08/15) 1147 2

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 07, 2015 reads comments
The Animal Rescue Team informs readers of the difference between mountain lions and bobcats. [pic] (01/07/15) 2579 14

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 06, 2015 reads comments
The Department of Sociology at UC Santa Barbara, which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year, has been ranked number one in the country. (01/06/15) 1499 19

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 05, 2015 reads comments
TRAVEL: Max Rosenberg got [pics] of a mine near Salt Lake City today. The Dark haze inside is trapped air pollution. (01/05/15) 1372 7

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 04, 2015 reads comments
I saw a huge fireball streak across the sky Saturday around 6:45pm, did anyone else see it? (01/04/15) 2186 10
TRAVEL: A dedicated staffer sends in photos of Barcelona in the new year. (01/04/15) 1262 add
Are you bothered by the reaction to the Sony hack? Do you think our need for knowledge requires we give the truth some slack? (01/04/15) 845 5
POWDRELL: So here's the deal... I'm always a fan of progress, but sometimes it's fun to see a cycle go full circle; back to old school(01/04/15) 2035 21
DOG OF THE WEEK: Meet Chico and Gordo, two brothers who enjoy a hearty nap on the couch. (01/04/15) 1421 6
CAT OF THE WEEK: Meet Ziggy, who can be found zig-zagging through your yard or turning up the volume on your stereo. (01/04/15) 1403 7
EDBIT: What are your resolutions for 2015? Take edhat's New Year Resolution poll! (01/04/15) 1865 32

Articles from Daily Newsletter on Jan 03, 2015 reads comments
A subscriber shares a [pic] of the first sunset of 2015. (01/03/15) 1036 1
TRAVEL: Max Rosenberg flew out of Sun Valley on Thursday and captured [pics] of snowy mountains. (01/03/15) 1345 3

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